What I’ve Learned From NTFM


This will be my final blog post. Sadly, my New Technology for Marketers class has come to an end.

I’ve really enjoy NTFM this semester and can honestly say it was my favorite class. I liked that it was hands on and relevant. I wasn’t looking at some random book and wondering ‘ what is going on?’.

I don’t think there has been any class so far in college that I could say I was really interested in.

NTFM definitely gave college a new lease of life for me. It’s great to see CIT being progressive and actively changing with the times. The reality of the workload in third year hit me quite hard so I really appreciated a class that was 100% continuous assessment, enjoyable and  was something that I could actively use.

I’ve learned practical things like writing this blog. This was a new experience for me and opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know much about.  I obviously heard of blogs and had read a few here and there over the years. But I had no experience of writing anything online apart from a status for Facebook. Which doesn’t really count.

I feel this module is so practical and I loved that. During our lectures we would talk about different social media and techniques that we would then put into practice with this blog. It increased my awareness of the vast capabilities of the internet. But I definitely found it quite a task to write a blog and make it my own.

I feel I’m so used to just learning things and am rarely asked for my opinion and my own style. Even though this blog didn’t necessarily come easy to me, I like that it stretched me.

So this is an end of an era. Thanks for coming on this journey with me.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Dara x


#Addicted To Twitter


For many people twitter is literally a way of life. Every single movement is micro-blogged for the world to see. This isn’t just 14-year-old girls tweeting ‘ I ate an orange’ and their mother re-tweeting it. This includes grown men stating they just lifted 150 pounds at the gym.

Twitter is definitely an internet phenomenon. There are over 200 million twitter users worldwide with over 400 million tweets sent every day. The amazing thing about this form of social media is that it has only seemed to gather momentum in the last few years but yet has taken over most people’s lives.

I first heard of twitter back in 2010 when the world cup was taking place in South Africa. One of my friends was on it at the time, so I joined, sent a tweet, and then forget about it. Over the years I have set up another two accounts and forget all my passwords and lost interest. It seemed to me at the time that no one I knew was on it. Even though I liked the idea of choosing who you follow and what people could say was at a minimum, in my opinion it is only starting to take off in Ireland with a mass audience. I’m very aware that many experts in their fields and avid geeks have been on it for years. But it seems to me the influence of America and the U.K. is finally rubbing off on us.

A study done in America showed that 87% of respondents had heard of twitter. 88% of respondents had heard of Facebook. However just 7% of Americans use twitter. Compare that to Facebook, with 41% of Americans having an online account. But any form of media has gone crazy for twitter. We see t.v. shows having hash-tags to join in on the conversation. Newspapers having twitter accounts to keep you up to date instantly on whats happening in the world. Even music artists choosing where they will perform throughout the world because of their fans tweeting and ‘unlocking’ cities through twitter.

I personally love twitter. I like how it’s not overcrowded. That you can follow people who you actually want to know what they have to say. You can see whats happening worldwide without it being filtered. I, however am conservative about what I say on twitter and my usage due to currently not owning a smart phone(which is how majority of people tweet) and not feeling I have to tweet about every moment of my life. Am I addicted to twitter? No. But I definitely go through phases where I would tweet more than usual.

I think the biggest thing to win over the Irish with twitter is when something big or eventful happens in this country. When president Obama was inaugurated for the second time his tweet with a picture of his wife was the most re-tweeted tweet ever. America went Crazy.

I think more people will get addicted to twitter once they open up to using it. And being a twitter addict isn’t bad. Once I don’t have to follow you.


This weeks video is a small bit rough as my iPad is acting up. But don’t forget to join in on the discussion @DaraMarketing.

Have a good week

Surfing the Web in a Filter Bubble


I always thought that the internet didn’t hide anything. That all of its information is open to everyone. That any time day or night, if I wanted to find out whats happening in the world, I could do that instantly. However, instead of this reality being black and white, it has become grey.

The more we use Google or Facebook, the more it tailors to our taste. So if I’m looking at Kim Kardashians blog all day, anything related to that or that Google may think I like, will come up.

So for most people they’ll be thinking ‘ Yes! A service that’s completely tailored to me and taste’.


However, if something becomes so tailored to us, we start getting a distorted view of that reality. We are not seeing the full picture. When it comes to something silly like watching videos of cats, I don’t think we need be fully aware of other things relating to cats.

But when it comes to issues close to our hearts, I feel that’s when most of us would feel cheated, if Facebook or Google are only sharing half of the story.

I found a blog called Bursting the Filter Bubble where this relatively new issue is being explored. I found it amazing that even the executive chairman of Google is admitting to this change.

“The technology will be so good it will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them.”- Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google.

It seems to me that these internet giants are feeding us information that we want to hear. So if we are pro abortion that is all we will be given. We won’t be getting a balanced view on anything. Just our own.

If we want to make a knowledgeable decision, that will be made harder when our search engine is already biased towards our preference and beliefs.

So if it is our job to write for a newspaper from an unbiased point of view, doesn’t that make it even harder to get the full story, when the reporter is only getting half?

An article by the Guardian newspaper asked this at a conference and came up with many views. The over riding theme was that most people enjoy having any experience tailored to them.

But when you think of media in the past, most people didn’t question the content of what they were consuming. Most people read one newspaper. Watched the news on one t.v. channel. So why are we only now questioning ‘is what were consuming online only telling one side of the story’?

When the reality is this has probably been happening all along.

If you want to get rid of your filter bubble and expose yourself to everything the internet has to offer, a website called ‘thefilterbubble.com‘ will come in handy.

My view is on 99% of things I search for, I want something tailored to me. On the 1% however, you can always ask for peoples opinions. If it is something that we care about that much surely we will search that much harder for the truth, rather than settle with the results on the first page of what you Googled.

Hope you enjoy this weeks video too where i’ll explore this topic more.

– Dara

Is Facebook taking over our lives?


I created a video to look at the ugly, yet truthful addiction that many of us seem to have with Facebook. I find it amazing that in the space of a few years, this social media phenomenon, has become the ‘go-to’ point on nearly everything we do.

We want to know if a movie is good. We ask people on Facebook.

We want everyone to know what we did last night. We’ll tell people on Facebook.

We tell our opinions on things that we should keep to ourselves on Facebook.

What I think

Personally, I feel that people are not actively thinking about the content that they are putting online. They do not censor what they are saying and most do not think of the consequences this may have in the long term.

Many companies now do a background search on their employees and include Facebook in this process. Since Facebook has only become popular in Ireland in the last few years, the ones who are prone to this process are people thirty and under. What you did on your holiday to Magaluf should really stay there.

Whatever we put up online is there forever. Even after we delete it there is still a trail. We can only make our Facebook profiles dormant. It’s a vicious addictive cycle which we all seem to love. The statistic only prove this.

The Facts

Nearly half of the Irish population is on Facebook, at 2,225,720.The average amount of time we spend on Facebook is twenty minutes per visit.

50% of Facebook users aged between 18-24 check their Facebook first thing in the morning.

In my opinion I think that this shows the power of social media when Facebook didn’t even exist ten years ago.

Is Facebook taking over our lives?

For some yes. However I feel if you actively think about what you are saying online and use it in  a positive way, I think that can be a good addiction of sorts. But if our life is Facebook and we are living it through that, there is a serious problem.

This social media phenomena is relatively new. We don’t really know the long term effects this might have on us. Whether that is our communication skills being affected or seeing the opening of social media rehabs, you never know.

It’s all new and exciting.

In time there will be another ‘Facebook’ as all good thing must come to an end. Then something else will take its place.

But what will come next, I don’t know.

Apps are dead…Long Live Mobile

Dead End

The title of this blog post is definitely very striking and extreme.

‘Apps are dead… Long Live Mobile’

But is that true?

Or are they just at a dead end?  Do they just need a revamp or is it really the end of the road for apps as we know it?

What do I think?

I personally think that the app market is saturated. I feel when I approach the app market or Google play,  I literally have too much choice. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know where to begin. However, I definitely feel the app is here to stay with us whether we like it or not.  I find when I want to tweet something I go directly to my twitter app. I don’t think anyone is going to Google a social media site when they have it directly on their phone.

This can be said as well with any apps we are interested in. Whether that’s news, games, weather or where the cheapest petrol station is, we rely more on apps than I think we are really aware of.

What are the Facts?

We are more likely to go directly to an app rather than searching the internet. The 2013 Mobile Future in Focus  report states that consumers have a clear preference for engaging with content on smartphones through apps. That in fact, every four out of five minutes is spent on apps, not the mobile web.

You also cant deny  Apples press release earlier this year, stating that forty billion apps have been downloaded from the app store, with twenty billion being downloaded in 2012 alone!

Also the average smartphone user had forty one apps on their phone in 2012, a huge jump from only thirty two in 2011 according to this blog on a nielson report.

The facts are there. Even though I can sometimes feel like the world of apps is overwhelming, I’d much prefer to have it then not. I think the whole mentallity behind apps is to make life easier,more enjoyable and that the world is at our fingertips. Honestly, I think that’s exactly what apps do.

So I say ‘ Long Live Apps …… and Mobile too’.

Here is a new short light hearted vlog I’m doing disucssing each weeks topic. Enjoy!